Can a parent take children out of state without consent in Michigan?

Answer For a vacation.

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Can a parent move their children to another state without the other parent's consent?

Depends upon the custody arrangements set forth in the Final Divorce Decree. If both parents were awarded Joint Legal Custody, then yes, the other parent must be notified AND agree to the move befo... Read More »

Can a parent legally take a child out of state without the other parents consent?

Can a parent leave a state without consent from the other parent?

Answer That is a very broad question. A parent can go wherever they want, nobody, other than a court, can restrict their liberty. Now, if they have the children with them, than that is different, ... Read More »

What would happen if a parent relocates to a different state without the consent of the other parent?

If there is a visitation order or if you were once married to whom you had a child with you can not move with out concent from a judge. You have to file the request to move and they have to notify ... Read More »