Can a parent take a child out of NJ with out consent of other parent?

Answer That depends on whether the parents are married, never married or divorced and whether a court has jurisdiction over the child by virtue of a child support and/or custody order.

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If you live in Texas with joint custody can one parent take the child out of the country to visit relatives without consent of the other parent and should you prevent this?

Answer No, When a child under the age of 18 is traveling outside the U.S. with only one parent or a third party there must be notarized written permission from the absent parent(s) or legal guardia... Read More »

Can a sole custody parent take child out of school and home school without other parent consent?

Answer It certainly seems a little confrontational to use a child as a pawn like that. You may hate your X, but don't take it out on the child. Both of you should work together for the best intere... Read More »

Can one parent get therapy for child without other parent consent?

This requires a motion to the court and does not always include suspension of child support. see links below

Can a step parent take out a life insurance policy on a child without the knowledge or consent of the biological parent?

Answer This depends on the legal status of the step parent. If they are a legal guardian then I would say that yes they could. I'm sure there must be much more to this story. Answer If you are a ... Read More »