Can a parent sign over their child to a friend so her friend can adopt her?

Answer Why would you want to do that babies are sweet adorable and loving and so are children darn you for being mean to those kids how dare you I will make sure no one answers this question so you can't ... Read More »

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Can A Parent Sign Over Parental Rights Of There Child To A Friend By Writing Out A Signed Agreement between Both Parties In The Presence Of 2 Witnesses Without Going Through The Proper Authorities?

A court order is required to terminate parental rights. In general, parental rights are terminated either preparatory to an adoption, or after a trial in which it is determined that the parent is u... Read More »

I have a friend who wants us to adopt her baby when can she and her husband sign over their rights?

i shd think so!I don't know your situation, but maybe the 18year old mother should speak to the father, if she hasn't already.Again, i don't know what you've done about it, but maybe, if its your d... Read More »

Can you adopt your friend's child?

lf your friends child OS for some reason up for addoption, than i guess you could.

What if a friend would like us to adopt her child?