Can a parent make a 14-year-old have an abortion?

Answer No. Any medical matter concerning the unborn child is under control of the mother that's carrying it even if she is a minor. It is illegal in all states to force someone to have an abortion or to g... Read More »

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Can a Georgia parent make a 17 yr old have an abortion?

No one can force anyone to have an abortion, minor or not. it is illegal. The choice is the female carrying the fetus whether she wants an abortion or not. This is the law in all states.

In Kentucky can your parent make you give your baby up for adoption or make you have an abortion when your 14?

They can not. When it comes to pregnancy and adoption the minor have the same rights as an adult. Also, if you say no, the doctor will not do anything. Forcing you is illegal and in some states coe... Read More »

Can a 13 year of from Illinois make the decision of who she would like to live with even though the current parent has full custody and is a fit parent?

AnswerEssentially, you can be asked to decide if your parents can make it happen. There may be a reason that you don't know of that the one parent has full custody, and the other doesn't. You wou... Read More »

Does a 16-year-old's parents have the right to make her have an abortion or is it her choice?

Parents and Forced Abortion In general the laws governing abortion are implemented by states, although there are federal statutes that might apply in this case. The majority of states have laws for... Read More »