Can a parent apply for custody of a 16-year-old in England?

Answer Answer You must be sixteen to move in with a different parent, but only if you can prove to the courts that the parent you want to move in with is able to take care of you, and has a stable home fo... Read More »

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Can the parent that has physical custody of the child move to England from the United States?

Answer Not unless they obtain permission from the court that issued the original custodial order.

Is it legal for a 16-year-old to move out of a parent's home to another parent without custody in Washington state?

Answer No. The child has to file for emancipation (divorce her parents), or her parents would have to sign off parental rights and / or make the new parents legal guardians.

Can a 13 year of from Illinois make the decision of who she would like to live with even though the current parent has full custody and is a fit parent?

AnswerEssentially, you can be asked to decide if your parents can make it happen. There may be a reason that you don't know of that the one parent has full custody, and the other doesn't. You wou... Read More »

When each parent has custody of one child but they both have joint legal custody is the other parent able to enroll the child in school if they end up coming to live with that parent?

joint custody is just given to make the other person who doesnt have all legal rights feel better, they don't have any real rights of the child, but theyt do get visitation rights. and if you went ... Read More »