Can a pap test tell if you have HIV?

Answer A Pap test can detect infection in the cervix, abnormal cervical cell growth or cervical cancer. Pap tests do not detect HIV. HIV tests are performed using samples of blood, urine or saliva.Source:... Read More »

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Does a Pap Test Tell If You Have STDs?

Pap tests, also known as Pap smears, do not check for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). These tests detect abnormalities in cervical cells, which may indicate the presence of cervical cancer, a... Read More »

Can doctors tell if you have Leukemia by a blood test?

It depends on the type of blood test.If it was a general screening then they would certainly see evidence that further investigation was needed.A complete diagnosis requires further testing.

Can doctors drug test you while pregnant and not tell you even when you have no history of drug use?

yes, in fact doctors can drug test you even when you have no history of prior drug use. Mainly because many teens are getting pregnant nowadays, and many teens have a habit of smoking marijuana. Ho... Read More »

What should you do if you're 16 and might be pregnant but have no transportation to go anywhere to get tested or buy a test and you don't want to tell your parents because you don't know if you are?

AnswerTalk to your school nurse or a teacher and see if they can help get a pregnancy test.√ā¬†Answerstart walkin i suggest planned parenthood or birthright