Can a pap smear determine if you are pregnant?

Answer Pap smears do not detect pregnancy. They test for the presence of human papillomavirus (HPV) and unhealthy cervical cells. Your doctor may suspect pregnancy due to physical symptoms present during ... Read More »

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Can a pregnant women determine the race of her baby while pregnant?

No, she can't decide what gender it will be or who the father is if there is more than one option either. If the parents are of the same race the child will be that race as well. if the parents are... Read More »

How to Determine if You Are Pregnant?

The condom broke, you had unprotected sex, or you forgot to take your birth control pill. There are many reasons why a woman may be questioning whether or not she is pregnant. Though there are many... Read More »

What do doctors do to determine whether you are pregnant?

Usually they will test your urine to see if you are pregnant. If it is more than a week before your period, they may do a blood test instead. Sometimes they may do a blood test anyway to get a gene... Read More »

What does a pap smear look for?

A pap smear is a test to detect signs that could indicate cancer. Women over 21 and under 30 are advised to have a pap smear every two years, while women over 30 may wait three years between tests... Read More »