Can a nurse become a physician?

Answer A nurse can become a physician, but not without completing medical school. Nursing programs usually take two years to complete for an associate degree and four years for a bachelor's degree, while ... Read More »

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Physician Assistant Vs. Nurse Practitioner?

Providing medical care doesn't have to involve becoming a doctor or years of medical school. A physician assistant and nurse practitioner perform the same routine medical care physicians do. Howeve... Read More »

Registered Nurse to Physician Assistant Programs?

Registered nurses holding a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing satisfy the prerequisites needed for entry into physician assistant programs. When choosing a physician assistant program, make sur... Read More »

How are nurse practitioners&physician assistants different?

Nurse practitioners and physician assistants are health-care professionals who are licensed to provide health care under the supervision of a physician. The supervision may be direct, such as havin... Read More »

Can nurse midwives work without the supervision of a physician?

Nurse midwifery often refers to a certified nurse midwife who is a nurse with additional training in obstetrics and gynecology. The laws vary from state to state as to whether a nurse midwife must ... Read More »