Can a nurse become a doctor?

Answer A nurse can become a doctor. The nurse must have a bachelor's degree and then be accepted into an accredited medical school, where she needs to complete four years of study. The nurse then will nee... Read More »

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This Is A Question For A Doctor Or Nurse?

Smoke (of ANY kind) damages the defense mechanisms in the lungs. That's likely a big factor.Regardless of the reason, if he gets flu regularly, he needs to get a flu shot, EVERY YEAR.

Naturopathic Doctor vs Nurse Practitioner?

Why would people assume that just because a naturopath has to take that unit that they support it?As far as im aware you dont get to choose what you study or dont study but you have to follow the c... Read More »

Can I refuse to be treated by a Muslim doctor/nurse?

Don't group all Muslims as terrorists...the people committing these crimes are EXTREMISTS. The Muslim religion is actually a peaceful religion. Every religion has or had had it's extremists...Chris... Read More »

Can a doctor or nurse please tell me what I have?