Can a notebook computer be too cold to function?

Answer A notebook computer can reach temperature ranges in which it becomes too cold to function properly. The minimum operating temperature for a processor is approximately 5 degrees Celsius, while the m... Read More »

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Which function key on my Toshiba notebook do I use to control screen brightness?

Toshiba laptops have hot keys which enable the user to increase or decrease the brightness of the display. Press "Fn" and "F6" simultaneously to decrease the screen brightness. Press "Fn" and "F7" ... Read More »

How do i connect my desktop computer and printer wirelessly to my notebook computer?

The best way to connect multiple devices is with a Wireless Router. The Router will transfer the data between all three devices and can connect them either wired or wirelessly.So there are 2 types ... Read More »

What is the difference between a laptop computer and a notebook computer?

Nothing just different terminology for the same thing.

What is the function of RAM in computer and how does its speed affect computer?

Ram is Random Access Memory, or what people think of as "Memory". Instructions are executed out of memory, so your computer cannot operate without it. Memory speed can be a limiting factor for yo... Read More »