Can a notary notarize a son-in-law's signature in the state of Florida?

Answer According to Florida Law Section 117.05(6)(d), a notary public is restricted from notarizing a signature of a relative, whether through blood or marriage. However, a notary can solemnize the rite o... Read More »

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Can a California notary notarize in New Hampshire?

On One Hand: Not GenerallyAccording to the American Society of Notaries, you cannot notarize in two states. You must be a legal resident of the state in which you are a notary. If you have residenc... Read More »

Can a notary notarize for a family member in Florida?

As of 2009, Florida law allows a notary to notarize a document for anybody, even family members, unless the law requires the notary of a particular person or office, according to the website of the... Read More »

Can a Florida notary notarize a prenuptial agreement?

A notary public in Florida can notarize a signature on any document, including a prenuptial agreement, so long as the document meets the standards set forth under Florida law: the person signing th... Read More »

Can a notary public notarize a document they sign in Oklahoma?

A notary public cannot notarize their own signature, or the signature of a spouse or their child. It is unlawful for notary publics to notarize a document that they will gain benefit from.Source:Wr... Read More »