Can a noncustodial parent become the custodial parent?

Answer With preparation and a good attorney. One needs to take the time to prepare, provided there's not an immediate threat to the safety of the children. Also, don't just hire a recommended attorney, ... Read More »

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If custodial parent moves out of state and leaves child with noncustodial parent does the noncustodial parent automatically gain custody?

No, but the non-custodial parent has a pretty good case for getting custody in court.

In the state of Texas under what circumstances will they grant the termination of rights of the noncustodial parent when requested by the custodial parent?

Answer Too complicated to answer simply. See an attorney that does child custody and family law.

Can the noncustodial parent keap the child not return to custodial parent?

No they can not. The key here is the "custodial parent" . You may be able to go to court. But if you keep the child and you are not the custodial parent and there is a court order saying the other ... Read More »

When custodial parent dies does noncustodial parent get custody?