Can a non party be bound by a court order?

Answer noAdded: Usually only the parties named in the order are affected by it, unless the-order also includes more general phraseology (e.g.: "all parties to the action" - "the school administration" - e... Read More »

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Can your father get a court order making you visit him if you are 15 and live with your mom and haven't seen your father in 5 months and he is threatening to get a court order if you don't visit?

Answer yes he can, provided they have filed a settlement agreement with the court in the county in which you live which gives your father rights of visitation or parenting time. If your mom does n... Read More »

What should you do when your ex breaks a court order?

You return to court and file a motion for contempt of a court order and let the court take care of it.

What court order can be appealed?

AnswerOne of the mechanisms built into the U.S. justice system is a system to deal with appeals. Basically, any court order (except one by the Supreme Court) can be appealed. But it's an uphill bat... Read More »

How important is a court order?

Extremely important.A legal mandate (order) must be valid to enforce child support and/or custodial terms.Likewise there are other issues that could arise (school enrollment, medical care, etc.), w... Read More »