Can a non biological parent sue a biological parent for child support?

Answer If "non biological parent" means, unrelated but legal guardian of the child - yes.

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Can a step parent file for child support for the biological parent?

No. The step parent doesn't have legal standing unless they are the court appointed guardian of the biological parent. The biological parent must request child support.

If a same sex couple have a child together in Tn and the other one adopts the child if the biological parent dies does the adopted parent keep custody Can the biological parents family get custody?

If a biological parent left at a young age and the mother remarried and a sixteen year old wish to contact the biological parent can they be stopped?

the kid, no, he has the right to contact his true parent. it's the law now.

Can a step parent take out a life insurance policy on a child without the knowledge or consent of the biological parent?

Answer This depends on the legal status of the step parent. If they are a legal guardian then I would say that yes they could. I'm sure there must be much more to this story. Answer If you are a ... Read More »