Can a non-US citizen with legal work visa adopt in the US?

Answer At 18 years old, a person is considered a legal adult.

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Can you adopt in the US if you are not a citizen but only residents on a long-term work visa?

If you have sufficient evidence that the statements she made were false, you can file an appeal. If accepted, they could investigate and if proven guilty she would be charged with perjury, or "lyin... Read More »

If i am a citizen and my wife is a resident can I adopt my wifes daughter who came to the U.S. legally with a visa but is expired now?

Legally you can not force your child to give up the custody. They are the guardian of their child and not you, no matter how old they are.

Can an American citizen adopt a legal immigrant and if so would that child get citizenship and or a green card?

Yes, but the child will have to follow steps in immigration procedures and apply for naturalization later.

Does a Hungarian citizen need a temporary visa or work permit to work in the United Kingdom?

If you are a Hungarian citizen, then you do not need a visa to work in the United Kingdom. Hungary belongs to the European Economic Area (EEA), and those who are citizens in the EEA have the right ... Read More »