Can a non-U.S. citizen have an SSN?

Answer Non-U.S. citizens can have Social Security numbers if they have authorization from the Department of Homeland Security to work legally in the United States. To get a Social Security number, non-U.S... Read More »

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Can a U.S. citizen become an E.U. citizen and have dual citizenship?

Although it is discouraged, a U.S. citizen can obtain dual citizenship with most European countries. A U.S. citizen can lose his citizenship if he does not follow U.S. laws, voluntarily renounces h... Read More »

How many years does a representative have to have been a citizen?

According to article one, section two of the United States Constitution, a candidate for the office of U.S. Representative must have been a U.S. citizen for at least seven years. Other requirements... Read More »

What if a US citizen gives birth in a foreign US military base is the child a US citizen?

There are two effective ways to gain U.S. citizenship at birth: have either (or both) of the parents be U.S. citizens, or be born on designated incorporated U.S. sovereign territory. The first meth... Read More »

Can a UK citizen married to a U.S. citizen live in the United States without a green card?

A green card is the commonly used term for the United States' permanent residency card. Foreign citizens who marry U.S. citizens require a green card to be eligible to live and work in the United S... Read More »