Can a nick in your colon cause a blood clot?

Answer On One Hand: It Is PossibleA nick in the colon can cause a blood clot if it entails damage to a vessel wall. This is because any vessel damage will trigger hemostasis, a process that includes clot ... Read More »

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Can a concussion cause a blood clot?

On One Hand: Concussions and Blood Can Be ConnectedWhen someone hits his head, the injury may cause a concussion, blood clots or both. According to Neurosurgery Today's Patient Education Materials... Read More »

Can a blood clot cause cramping or numbness in the foot?

A blood clot in the leg may cause pain, swelling, cramps or numbness in the affected leg and foot. These blood clots occur when the leg veins or arteries become blocked by a clump of coagulated blo... Read More »

Can the pill cause a blood clot years after taking it?

No, the risk of blood clots associated with birth control is directly related to the increased estrogen introduced into the system while it is being taken. Discontinuing use of birth control pills ... Read More »

Can you get a blood clot in your fingers?

On One Hand: Blood Clots Do Occur In The FingersAccording to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, blood clots can develop as a result of a broken bone or development of a bruise. Althoug... Read More »