Can a new born baby with cerebral atrophy at the frontal lobe can be cure?

Answer Legal Age The age at which a child can be left at home alone is only legislated in two states, Maryland and Illinois. The legal check is whether or not the child is safe and has the ability to take... Read More »

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Is cerebral atrophy fatal?

On One Hand: Cerebral Atrophy is Sometimes FatalCerebral atrophy, a condition in which there is a loss of brain cells, may be fatal depending on the root cause. Conditions causing cerebral atrophy ... Read More »

Seizures Due to Frontal Lobe Tumor?

Brain tumors can be malignant (cancerous) or benign (noncancerous), but either kind causes a wide variety of serious symptoms, including seizures. Without swift and specific care, the patient can s... Read More »

Can cerebral brain atrophy caused by epilepsy be reversed?

Cerebral, or brain, atrophy is a condition in which neurons and tissues in the brain are destroyed. Epilepsy can rarely cause this condition, although the National Institute of Neurological Disorde... Read More »

Is the frontal lobe essential, not necessary, or not used for driving a motor vehiclr?

Can't speak for others, but I drive a motor vehicle with my hands on the wheel and foot on the gas or brake.