Can a neck injury cause leg pain?

Answer The neck contains and protects many nerves. "The nervous system is not linear," says Dr. Rob Gottesman, a Colorado chiropractor. This means that a neck injury might refer pain to almost anywhere, i... Read More »

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Can a shoulder injury cause underarm pain?

On One Hand: Yes It CanAn shoulder injury can cause inflammation and discomfort that spreads to nearby parts of the body, which can include the underarm as well as the upper arm, chest and neck. As... Read More »

Can ear infection cause neck pain?

Can Elidel cause neck pain?

On One Hand: Neck Pain a Serious Side EffectPeople who use topical pimecrolimus (brand-name Elidel), an eczema medication, may experience neck pain as a result of swollen neck glands, according to ... Read More »

Can a muscle injury cause lifelong chronic pain?

On One Hand: Muscle Pain Usually Subsides Within a Few DaysMuscle pain due to overuse or injury usually subsides within a few days with proper care, according to Medline Plus. The website recommend... Read More »