Can a muslim woman work?

Answer On One Hand: They May Be Allowed to WorkMuslim women are allowed to work outside of the house as long as their husband or guardian does not object and they follow Islamic guidelines regarding how t... Read More »

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Can a muslim woman remarry?

On One Hand: Encouraged by SocietyAccording to, a Muslim woman has the same rights as a Muslim man. A Muslim widow is encouraged to remarry and "her remarriage is the responsibilit... Read More »

Can a Muslim woman divorce her husband?

According to Islamic law (shari'ah), a Muslim woman can divorce her husband for a variety of reasons, such as abuse or financial neglect. However, this right is often ignored by patriarchal Islamic... Read More »

Muslim Rituals for When a Woman Dies?

Muslims believe that death is when their body goes to the earth, where it came from, and the soul goes to God to be judged. The Quran advises them to get prepared for this moment during their lifet... Read More »

Can a Muslim woman shake a man's hand?

On One Hand: The Koran Restricts Physical ContactAccording to the Koran, physical contact of any sort between women and men who are not mahram is prohibited. A mahram relationship is one between a ... Read More »