Can a mother take a child and move to another state without telling the father if they are divorced?

Answer Answer Generally, no. If the mother has full custody of that child she can move anywhere in the world with that child unless the father has visitation rights. If you have partial custody then she m... Read More »

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Can a mother move to another state and take the child without telling the unmarried father?

She could if there has been no court orders regarding paternity and custody. However, she may find herself in trouble if the father decides to pursue the case in court.

What if the mother lives in one state from the father and refuses to let him see the child and he has other persons calling him and telling him she is mentally unfit to raise the child?

Answer If you don't have joint custody then the only thing you can do is call Child Aid (or Child Welfare) and report this giving the names of the people telling you how unfit your wife is to raise... Read More »

Can a mother be charged with parental kidnapping if she takes her child out of state and shes divorced from the father?

Yes, if there are court orders for visitation or shared custody you will need his consent and also the courts.

In the state of Indiana can a mother move a child out of state away from the father?

That depends on several variables, but even if she does, he has up to six months to file an injunction ordering the child be returned to the jurisdiction of the court for a full review on custody a... Read More »