Can a mother relocate a child without a father's consent?

Answer The answer depends on marital status, custody, and existing court orders, so there is no way to say for sure for your exact situation... but in some circumstances, yes. The father would have the op... Read More »

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Can an unwed mother relocate child out of state without father's consent?

If no court orders exist, but he can still file an injunction requiring the return of the child to the jurisdiction p[ending a decision on parental rights and access.

How can a mother get a passport for a child without the fathers consent?

A request must be made of the court to override his power to object, or to remove his parental rights and responsibilities. Because most countries, including the US, do not honor the Hague Treaty ... Read More »

Can unmarried mother put child up for adoption without fathers consent?

Legally, yes a mother can do that. She has legal rights that are superior to the father.

If a mother signs over her parental rights can the fathers wife adopt the child without her consent?

I'm not certain this answers the question as it was intended, but hopefully it helps.This is purely speculative on my part, but qualified nonetheless by my having originated within a dysfunctional ... Read More »