Can a mother move to another state and take the child without telling the unmarried father?

Answer She could if there has been no court orders regarding paternity and custody. However, she may find herself in trouble if the father decides to pursue the case in court.

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Can a mother take a child and move to another state without telling the father if they are divorced?

Answer Generally, no. If the mother has full custody of that child she can move anywhere in the world with that child unless the father has visitation rights. If you have partial custody then she m... Read More »

Can an unmarried father keep the mother from moving out of state before the child is born?

Of course not. At least in the United States, you cannot take that kind of control over another person's body. You will have to wait until the child is born and try to exert your parental rights at... Read More »

Can an unmarried mother with full custody take her child out of state without the father's permission?

Child custody laws are different in every state, so it depends on that as well. You could just type in "child custody laws in _state_" and you should have no problem finding it. You would have to ... Read More »

How can an unmarried mother get her child returned to her after the biological father not a legal father refuses to return the child to her mother after a visit?