Can a mother make a 13 year old have an adoption?

Answer yes, because the 13 year old is not old enough to make their own decisions unless they are 18 and older in till then they must do what their parents tell them to do which must suck sometimes :( but... Read More »

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Does a 14-year-old mother have to give her baby up for adoption?

Answer No , the girl would not have to give up her baby however if social services see that you are struggling or your mother or father say they wouldn't help you then however they might take the b... Read More »

If a 16 year old wants to give her baby up for adoption does her mother have to concent to it as well?

Can a 16 year old girl keep her unborn child or consider adoption if her mother does not agree and wants her to have an abortion in the state of Missouri?

It's the female that carries the fetus that decides, no one else. She is the guardian of the fetus or baby when it's born. Not her parents or anyone else no matter what her age is. It's the same in... Read More »

How does parental mother relinquish her rights to father and step mother for step mother adoption?