Can a mother keep a father from having visitations with his kid?

Answer Answer No. Unless she has court written visitation papers or a restraining order. The Father needs to take her to court and get the visitation schedule worked out right away.

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Can you move out of state if you have custody and the father has supervised visitations?

You do not have the legal authority to make that decision on your own. You may find yourself in legal trouble if the other parent takes the matter to court. If the child's father has court ordered ... Read More »

What rights does a single father have for visitations if there is no court order?

Unless you have a custody agreement through the court then in reality of your situation you have no rights to the upbringing of any of your children. A parental agreement which is not legally bindi... Read More »

How does a mother give her unborn child to the father of the baby and his wife if the mother is in Colorado and the father is in Minnesota?

I'd advise you to go to a family law attorney in your state and discuss the situation, rather than attempt to handle it yourself. Let your lawyer handle all communications with the father of your c... Read More »

If a 17-year-old moves out of their mother's house into their father's can the mother force them to come back and would the father be arrested?

Answer I can well understand this custody business is very hard on you. No one likes to see their parents split up. I suggest that you get both your parents together and discuss this. There is m... Read More »