Can a mother ask for permanent contraception for her mental disable daughter?

Answer Yes, it's possible, but a court hearing will have to be conducted to detemine the extent of the child's limitations and/or future prognosis.

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What is mental abuse by a mother?

When they always are putting you down calling you hurtful names, calling you things like useless, ect..

Can the father get full custody if mother has mental illness?

Answer Yes, however the decision would have to be made by the court after a full investigation.

My daughter has recently gotten into the elmo scene at her school. Should I be worried about her mental health?

Well, if she starts wearing skinny red furry jeans, tight sesame street t-shirts, and cutting herself with crayons, I would say she is taking this "elmo" thing too far and you should call in a ment... Read More »

Normal stressed SAHM mother of a high-needs baby Or mental health issues?

Maybe look into if your meds are making the baby a little irritable. Some meds do that for some people and it does get through the breast milk. Have you tried baby wearing? Lets you get more do... Read More »