Can a miscarriage affect your body after 4 years?

Answer No, with proper diet and exercise.

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How to Prepare Your Body for Pregnancy After Miscarriage?

Although you may have experienced a miscarriage in the past, it is possible to become pregnant once again, especially when you take steps to prepare your body physically and nutritionally. A miscar... Read More »

You are in the Navy full active for 3 years your wife is divorcing you you will be paying child support for 4 children Will that affect your chances of reupping your contract after 3 years are up?

No. As long as your performance is good, you keep up with your child support obligations etc, and you otherwise meet the criteria for re-enlistment, you should be able to re-enlist.

How does ph affect your body?

In order to maintain physiological balance, or homeostasis, the body must have a balance of acidic and alkaline molecules. Degrees of acidity or alkalinity are expressed in terms of their pH. Essen... Read More »

Can grades from college almost 15 years ago affect your GPA today?

When you transfer schools the grades transfer but the GPA starts over.