Can a minor open a savings account?

Answer Minors can't open a savings account without a co-signer older than the age of 18. In addition, many banks, such as the Fifth Third Bank, require minors to be younger than 18, as a condition of obta... Read More »

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How to Open a SBI Savings Account?

The State Bank of India (SBI) offers several account options to its customers, such as an SBI savings account, salary account, current account, business account and non-resident Indian (NRI) accoun... Read More »

How to Open a Joint Savings Account?

Joint savings accounts benefit couples in several ways. Instead of opening and maintaining separate savings accounts, a joint savings account allows a couple to deposit their savings into one accou... Read More »

How do I open an online savings account?

Find the BankChoose a bank based on your research. The most important thing is to know how much interest rate is paid on your savings. Keep in mind that interest rates can fluctuate as the market c... Read More »

How do I open a savings account in China?

Visit ChinaTo open a savings account in China you will have to visit a bank in person, so a trip to China is necessary.IdentificationPresent your valid passport to the bank representative. The repr... Read More »