Can a minor make her own decisions about her pregnancy?

Answer Answer Yes.A minor is assumed to retain the same legal rights to her child as does the adult woman.She cannot be forced to obtain an abortion, place the child for adoption or relinquish her rights... Read More »

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Who has rights to make decisions for a minor child when the parents are minorsand not supporting the child?

There are 2 things that matter in a legal standpoint when it comes to custody. Biology and paperwork. The Biological parents inherit the right to care for their child. If the parents are underage t... Read More »

My girlfriend and i had protected sex about 2 weeks ago. then she started her period.after that we took pregnancy test just to make sure she wasnt. but she has symptoms of pregnancy. can she be?

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Who is responsible for my minor daughter's medical care during her pregnancy?

You (parents) are responsible for her care and medical care until she is eighteen. You should consult with an attorney to determine if you could get some financial help from the father or his paren... Read More »

Are minor cramps normal during the first few weeks of pregnancy?

%REPLIES% Answer Yes, for some women it can be. Answer I talked to a GYN nurse this morning and asked that same question. She said, yes, it is possible and not uncommon. Answer I spoke to my doc... Read More »