Can a minor in the state of Georgia have their own auto insurance policies or do they have to be placed on their parents' insurance?

Answer Insurance under 18 Yes, you can but its best to be under you parents policy... Since the price will be "Very High" since your under 18.

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Auto Insurance Cancellation Policies in Georgia?

If you own or lease a vehicle in the state of Georgia, the law requires you to maintain auto insurance on the vehicle at all times. You must have continuous liability insurance coverage in order to... Read More »

Can liability insurance be stacked from daughter's auto policy to parents' when she is a minor and they are still financially responsible for her?

Answer If your daughter has her own auto policy, is driving your car, and is involved in an accident, yes, the liability can be some cases. Each state law is different so call your a... Read More »

If an out of state driver with no auto insurance has an accident in NJ is their health insurance or the NJ driver's auto insurance primary?

%REPLIES% Answer Someone's health insurance is not going to cover any injuries in an auto accident. That covered by the insurance on the vehicle. Since there wasn't any, it would appear the victim(... Read More »

How long do I need to keep auto insurance policies?

Keep auto insurance policy documents on hand until you receive the renewal policy, which supercedes the coverages, limits and exclusions of the existing policy. If a claim covered under a preceding... Read More »