Can a minor go into the delivery room?

Answer it depends on the hospitals policy, but if the father is a minor, then yes. :)

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Im so sick of my mother banging on about comming into the delivery room with me!!!!!?

Something the nurses told us during our hospital tour may help you out. She said, "Remember, nurses don't mind being bad guys, so if you want to keep people out of the delivery room ask us to take ... Read More »

If your 17 and you get pregnant by a guy who is 22 but your parents know you guys are together can they get him into trouble in the delivery room?

Answer yes & no. Answer It DOES depend where you live and the laws, HOWEVER, no matter what, if your parents are okay with you being with him and they are AWARE of you to obviously being in a serio... Read More »

How can a delivery room and a birthing room different?

Im sorry but i am trying to study for my child care exams and i can't find it eeither,im sorry i couldn't help:)

What is delivery room?

The delivery room is a place in hospitals etc, used for the deliveries of babies under the supervision of medical staff.