Can a minor enter a nightclub with a parent in Oklahoma?

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Can a minor be in a nightclub with a parent?

That is going to depend on the laws in the location of the nightclub. In many places it is allowed if the parent is with them. There are some that do not allow minors regardless of who they are with.

Can a mother who is a minor move with her 9 mos old child to another state with her parent without her child's fathers consent who is also a minor?

Answer If you are a minor you pretty much have to go with your parent if they move. You don't need permission from your child's father, although he might get angry and try to take you to court ove... Read More »

If a parent gives consent can a minor who is 17 live with the other parent?

Certainly you can, unless there is a court order saying otherwise. Parents have the ability to choose where their children live. With their permission you can live anywhere that is safe.

What age can minor choose parent to live with?

the ages to chose what parent to live with is 18 and older. but really it should be 12 and older and the older sibling should be able to choose for the younger but the court thinks the kids with th... Read More »