Can a minor be on a car title in indiana?

Answer The short answer is no. The legal age of consent in Indiana is 16 years of age, however, a permanent driver's license is not granted until 16 years of age and 6 months. A person must submit a valid... Read More »

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Can a minor be on a car title?

Laws governing whether a minor can be on a car title depends on the state. Some states that permit a minor to register a car might still require that the parent or guardian sign contracts or legal ... Read More »

Is it legal to put a car title in a minor's name?

No specific law exists that makes it unlawful for a minor to be named on a car title. However, in many states a car must have insurance coverage when it is registered with the state, which a minor ... Read More »

Can a minor own the title to a home in Arizona?

A minor is not legally able to own a home. A minor, however, is allowed to own a piece of the property through a trust. To set up a trust, the person wanting to add the minor to the title would hav... Read More »

How to Change an Indiana Auto Title Into an Ohio Auto Title?

New state residents or residents buying a car from out of state need to obtain an auto title in the car owner's state of residence. For example, an Indiana resident with an Indiana auto title needs... Read More »