Can a milk goat be a male?

Answer Female goats, also called does, give milk after they are bred and give birth. Male goats are called bucks and do not give milk, but are used for breeding purposes.Source:Fias Co Farm: Goats as Pets

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How to Tell If a Goat Is Male or Female?

Goats are common herd animals, found in most countries. Goats are typically found in mountainous areas and are very good climbers. Goats are herded for their milk and their meat and hide, and are r... Read More »

Can you milk a boy goat?

As with cows and other animals, only female goats produce milk, usually following kidding (delivering babies) More people in the world consume goat milk than cow milk, except in the United States.R... Read More »

What is goat's milk used for?

Goats' milk can be used to make cheese, butter and other dairy products. You can drink it, put it on cereal or use in your favorite recipes. Goat milk can also be used as a milk substitute for foal... Read More »

Does goat's milk contain B12?

Goat's milk contains vitamin B12, a water-soluble vitamin necessary for the proper function of your nervous and circulatory systems, according to the University of California-Davis Dairy Research a... Read More »