Can a migraine cause burning ears?

Answer According to the Mayo Clinic website, a migraine can cause sensitivity to sound or light; severe, pulsating head pain that may affect both sides or only one; nausea; and pain that gets worse with a... Read More »

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What Causes Burning Ears?

A burning sensation of the ears can signify larger medical problems, such as diabetes or cranial nerve trauma. Talk with your doctor about your symptoms so that he can make a proper diagnosis. Base... Read More »

Any preventative measures for recurrent migraine attacks or treatment when a migraine is already present?

I recently read that a cold pack on the back of the neck helps. Have you tried that? They said something not really frozen would be best. My suggestion is mix half water and half alcohol and put... Read More »

What's the longest a migraine usually lasts and is numbness on the side of your head a migraine symptom?

Based on your symptoms and family history, please see a doctor, soon! A neurologist would be best. If you need a referral, see your primary care doctor first explain everything you did above to the... Read More »

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