Can a microwave be run on an extension cord?

Answer NOT in the Way you described ! You're liable to Overload the Cord- & blow every Fuse in the Place !! :( I would strongly recommend you get a Heavy Duty Extension Cord- that accepts 3-pronged Pl... Read More »

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Can you use an extension cord to convert an oven socket outlet to a dryer outlet by using an extension cord with a 50A male plug and a 30A female socket?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz power supply service. If you're wanting to power a 30 amp dryer with a 50 amp circuit, that's possible. (If the dryer needs 50 and the circuit i... Read More »

How do I tie an extension cord?

Tying Extension CordsTie a bowline knot by making a loop at one end of a 2-foot long light line. The bowline knot is commonly used because it is simple and secure. Hold a piece of line between your... Read More »

What can be used as an extension cord?

Just but an extension cord from radio shack really cheap? Simple

Can you put an extension cord on the roof?

Yes, but when choosing an extension cord for use on a rooftop, choose only cords with 3-prong male and female plugs specifically indicated for outdoor use. Use plastic zip ties to secure the cord t... Read More »