Can a merchant charge me more if i use a credit or charge card?

Answer On One Hand: Merchant Cannot Charge MoreEvery time a consumer uses a credit card to make a purchase, the credit card companies charge the merchant an "interchange fee." Some merchants want to pass ... Read More »

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Is it legal for a merchant to charge a service fee for using a credit card?

Merchants may not charge service fees or surcharges to customers using Mastercard and Visa. American Express does not allow surcharges if the merchant accepts Mastercard or Visa. Laws regarding sur... Read More »

How long does a merchant have to charge a credit card after a purchase?

Each credit card company maintains its own rules on how long merchants have to transmit transactions. For example, MasterCard requires merchants to submit transactions within three business days of... Read More »

Can a merchant charge a debit card without my permission?

A debit card payment withdraws funds from the holder's bank account. A merchant cannot legally charge a debit card without the permission of a cardholder. If the card is stolen and used at a store,... Read More »

Is it standard practice to charge credit card fees when paying by credit card?

While some businesses charge a fee when customers pay by credit card, it is against their merchant agreement with the credit card company, such as Visa or MasterCard. If you encounter a company th... Read More »