Can a married woman have a guy friend?

Answer On One Hand: Mature Adults Can Handle ItA married women ought to have a guy friend. says, "Having friends and outside interests not only strengthens your social network, but brings ne... Read More »

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Do the married woman still have the right to use her maiden name although she have been using her husbands last name?

Married women can use their maiden name at any time they wish as long as the reason for doing so is for legal purposes.What are "legal purposes?"  You wish to open a bank account with your maiden ... Read More »

If a man gets a married woman pregnant that is not his wife does he have any parental rights?

AnswerIn most states, in this situation, the paternal father would have no rights pertaining to the child unless and until a judge determines the scope of those rights.Even if the paternal father i... Read More »

If you have a baby through an affair with a married woman does her husband have any rights to the child after six years of raising the child as his own?

Answer In most states, a child born in wedlock (to a legally married couple) is presumed to be the child of the husband. Legally, the court recognizes that the husband is the father of the child an... Read More »

A woman was married three times and divorced at least two Would it be legal for her to start using one of the first two married last names again to sign documents?

No. She can only use her most recent husband's name , or her maiden name if it was restored at the time of the divorce . Using previous husbands names would be fraudulent misrepresentation.