Can a married couple claim individual bankruptcy?

Answer A married couple should file joint bankruptcy if both are equally responsible for the debts. However, if one person is significantly more responsible, it is possible to file individual bankruptcy w... Read More »

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Who can claim the interest from a mortgage loan if a non-married couple makes the purchase?

The individual who can claim the interest from a mortgage loan is the one who is legally liable for the loan, according to the Internal Revenue Service. The person taking the deduction must have a ... Read More »

Can a Married Couple File Bankruptcy As a Single Person?

One common misconception believed by married couples is that they must file bankruptcy together. Filing bankruptcy separately may or may not be the wisest idea, because filing bankruptcy as a singl... Read More »

Individual Bankruptcy Information?

Many individuals who become overwhelmed by financial debts may file for bankruptcy after all else have failed. The U.S. Bankruptcy Codes establish the laws for filing for bankruptcy, which provides... Read More »

Will a pregnancy be covered if you have cobra for a very basic health plan and a couple months in try to get individual coverage that is better?

Answer If you're already pregnant, it's doubtful that an Individual carrier would take you. You might want to check if your state has a guaranteed issue program for those who are pregnant. for m... Read More »