Can a man's seman cause contractions in a pregnant woman?

Answer Answer to a wierd question Reacted due to massive amounts of stupidity contained within the first answer.From"Sex and nipple stimulation can be very effective in starting and aug... Read More »

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What is the mans name in the woman in black?

Can a woman understand if a mans pre-ejaculate fluid comes out?

Neither the man or the woman can feel it. It's just a drop.

Can a woman do anything to banish a mans legal right to a child before it is born in the state of Iowa?

Answer You should be able to ask the judge who presided over the divorce, or if there is a caseworker assigned to the family, that would be a better place to start. More Opinions A sixteen-year-o... Read More »

Who first used the phrase a rich mans war and a poor mans fight to describe the civil war?

The same as any other 4 star in any other branch. The salary depends on the general's years of service. Excluding taxes and special pay (such as whether or not the general is in a hazardous area or... Read More »