Can a managing company turn temperatures in a common area below 18 degrees?

Answer Apparently you disagree with this action. You can request information from your board to discover their directive about the temperature in the common areas.It's possible that 18 degrees C -- 65 deg... Read More »

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Are there exterior paints that can be used at temperatures below 50 degrees?

Latex-based paints are not suitable for application when the weather is below 50 degrees F, but oil-based paint can work down to 20 degrees F. Shingle paint and oil-based house and trim paint dries... Read More »

How to Grow Broccoli in Below Freezing Temperatures?

You don't have to stop gardening when the temperatures drop to freezing levels. You can grow a garden of broccoli indoors during the winter by setting up a hydroponics system. Broccoli responds wel... Read More »

Is radiant heat not effective in below zero temperatures?

Radiant heat is effective in temperatures that are below freezing. Radiant heating refers to a type of heating system that heats the floors or wall panels of a house. Radiant heating is often more ... Read More »

What chemical remains a liquid at temperatures below its normal freezing point?

Chemists refer to liquids that remain in the liquid phase below their normal freezing point as “supercooled” solutions. Virtually any liquid, including water, can become supercooled under the a... Read More »