I'm a male, in my mid 20's and I just got pregnant for the first time, what should I do now ?

Answer you need to get your head checked

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When can a male dog get a female pregnant?

A female dog can get pregnant during the second stage of the heat cycle, about eight or 10 days after she goes into heat. This stage will last four to seven days. Male dogs are capable of producing... Read More »

Can a hamster get pregnant if with a male?

A female hamster can get pregnant when left with a male if she is old enough for pregnancy. According to Hamsterific, some breeds are sexually mature at 1-month-old while others are not capable of ... Read More »

Can a male seahorse get pregnant?

Male seahorses do get pregnant. According to Science Daily, a female seahorse deposits unfertilized eggs into the male's pouch, and the male fertilizes them with his sperm. The male controls his po... Read More »

Can a male sea horse get pregnant?

In sea horse biology, it is the male sea horse that gets pregnant and gives birth. The female releases the egg into the male's pouch. Once that occurs, the egg is fertilized in the pouch. The male ... Read More »