Can a male doctor deliver the baby?

Answer YES he can help u if in emergency and female medical rep is not available your are safe with him . Need not shy from doctors In most countries they make no difference in male or female doctors as... Read More »

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Woman who helps deliver a baby without a doctor?

That would be a midwife. There are several types of midwives here in America. You can find out about one type, here: are more used in this country then most people thin... Read More »

How long does it take to deliver after the doctor breaks your water?

it according if you've had any previos children if not it can take hours but if this is over 1 then probaly like2 to4 hours

Can you be pregnant with twins and have one baby be tubal and deliver the other baby?

Your doctor says your cervixs is 2 centimeters open and 1 centimeter shortened you are almost 36 weeks does that mean ill deliver really soon?

Answer No - not at all. You will begin to dilate around 36 weeks and you can go 6 weeks without dilating any further. Most women are 1-2 cm dilated for the last weeks of their pregnancy.I really... Read More »