Can a lung improve after you quit smoking?

Answer On One Hand: Lungs Can ImproveEven if a person smokes for many years, quitting smoking can help the condition of the lungs to improve. According to MSN Health and Fitness, just two to three months ... Read More »

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Can a person get lung cancer even if he or she have quit smoking?

Anyone could, but his risk is higher and probably always will be.But, he may not... smoking isnt a 100% definite sentence to lung cancer, he might not get it!

Is it possible to get lung cancer after 1 year of smoking?

It is possible to get it even if you never smoked. They think it is a gene but they are not sure.

Can your lungs heal after you quit smoking?

On One Hand: Lungs Improve After QuittingWhen people quit smoking, their lung health improves. According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), their lung function increases two weeks to three month... Read More »

Will my lungs clear up after I quit smoking?

oh man its a good news you`ve given-up smoking, and belive me your lungs work better now and to keep clear theme drink plenty of water and do exericse and yoga to boost lungs nothing is better for ... Read More »