Can a licensed insurance agent buy their own health and life insurance?

Answer Yes and one of the benefits of buying insurance from the company you work for may be a reduced premium.

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Do you have to be licensed to sell pet health or life insurance in Virginia?

Yes I would believe so. You can check with a insurance office number and see what they say.

How do you become a licensed insurance agent what steps do you take?

The license is a two part thing. You can take Health & Life or you can take Home & Auto... Here the pretesting for each is 4 days= 40 hrs. Then you go to the proctor & take the State Test. What st... Read More »

How to Become a Licensed Insurance Agent in Pennsylvania?

To become a licensed insurance agent in Pennsylvania, you must first obtain a license from the Pennsylvania Insurance Department, or PID. There are more than 20 different licenses offered by the PI... Read More »

What are the steps to getting licensed as a car insurance agent and what are the requirements in California?

Answer Any office of the California Department of Insurance can explain licensing requirements. They have an office in every county, look in the phone book under State of California.