Can a lemon concentrated utensil soap whiten my skin?

Answer You can't get rid of skin's pigmentation deep down with a washing compound--all you will do is cause chemical burns. You should never use any sort of washing soap for dishes or utensils on your ski... Read More »

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Can i use lemon concentrated utensil soap to whiten my skin?

Not a good idea at all. Lemon concentrated utensil soap won't whiten your skin, but it might damage it.If you want to lighten your skin, try using Kojic Acid cream. Kojic Acid is a natural bleach... Read More »

Does lemon juice help whiten skin tone?

1 small spoon salt & 1 small spoon sugar. Pass it though the blender to make it into a fine powder. Mix with 1 spoon lemon juice and aply paste on face. Let dry and wash of massaging gently. Then r... Read More »

Is concentrated bottled lemon juice as healthy as fresh squeezed lemon juice?

On One Hand: Concentrated Juice BenefitsAccording to, a serving of bottled lemon juice has 51 calories, 16 grams of sugar, and 101 percent of the recommended daily dose of Vitamin... Read More »

How to Whiten With Milk and Lemon?

If you hate the look of dark areas on your skin and want an even complexion, milk and lemon may present a solution. Milk and lemon can whiten your skin tone, as both of these ingredients have acidi... Read More »