Can a learner have a child in the car?

Answer Yes, as long as there is an adult over the age of 21, anyone can ride with you. the driver must have have their license in that state for at least one year before it is legal and also be 21 years o... Read More »

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How long does a learner driver's superviser have to have held their license for.?

Phase 1 learner permit for WA !!!…Phase 2 learner permit for WA !!!…

What Effects Do Assessments Have on Learner Motivation?

Assessments are designed to test a student's preparedness for a qualification or a reward, or to test her readiness for the next grade level or to provide feedback for a student on her own learning... Read More »

Do you have to pay child support if the mother is in prison and the grand parents have the child and won't let you see the child?

Yes. But don't send the money to the grandparents - send it to the courts or the State disbursement unit. You may go to court to require the grandparents to grant visitation.

Can anyone tell me, is it illegal to have passengers in the car with a learner driver driving?

it is not illegal, as some driving schools often have the previous learner in the car and the next learner drives them to their home