If someone has lazy eye and goes to vision therapy how long would it take for the eye to be fixed?

Answer I have strabismus. I can straighten out my eyes, but I will never have true binocular vision.Sucks to be me, huh? And I still have to pay extra when I go see a movie that's only showing in 3D, to a... Read More »

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Lazy eye?

If an eye doctoer told you it would always be a little weaker, what answers are you looking for from us?His is as professional an opinion as you are going to get. I got a lazy eye too. For last 21 ... Read More »

How do you fix a lazy eye?

Actually it can be fixed, and in most cases without surgery. A lazy eye is the result of weak muscles in one eye that allow it to drift inward. The best way to strengthen the muscles in that eye, i... Read More »