Can a landlord deny a renter to possess a fenced in above ground pool?

Answer A landlord can prohibit an above ground pool from being on her property. According to the Insurance Information Institute, the pool will have to "comply with local safety standards and building cod... Read More »

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What rights does a renter have when the landlord's faulty equipment caused damages to the renter's property?

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How long after a renter has moved is the landlord responsible for damage to renter's property?

I am renting a trailer and a limb falls on my vehicle while parked on the property who is responsible for the damages

Can you turn a chlorinated aboveground pool into a saltwater pool?

Answer Yes,but only if your pool is resin[that is constructed from 100% polymer or plastic].It is not advisable to use salt in a "steel pool". Answer Salt in a steel pool is a lousy salesman answer... Read More »

Should the landlord provide insurance for a renter if you are unable to get renters insurance due to a claim the landlord filed on the property?

I'm in Georgia. Can you prove they forced you to buy? They wouldn't give you the furniture if you didn't pay the extra? They are covering their assets. If you think you got ripped keep on trucking ... Read More »