Can a king snake&python live in the same tank?

Answer King Snakes should never share a tank with another snake. They are cannibals, and would probably try to eat their "roommate," even if the "roommate" was a python. Still, when housed separately, Ki... Read More »

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Who was Larry king's first guest on Larry king live?

The first guest on Larry King Live in 1985 was Mario Cuomo, the former governor of state of New York.

Is Larry king live pre recorded?

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Where does a king cobra snake live?

The king cobra snake or Ophiophagus hannah, typically lives in the rain forest areas and flat plains of Southern China, Southeast Asia and India, states National Geographic. The snakes can grow up ... Read More »

When did King Djoser of Egypt live?

King Djoser of Egypt lived from 2667 B.C. until 2648 B.C. He was a king of the third dynasty and he oversaw the construction of the Step Pyramid of Djoser at Saqqar, the first known stone building ... Read More »